Victory in Cardiff!

28 10 2014

Cardiff-anti-fascist-protest copy

It was a busy weekend for anti-fascists with people opposing the EDL in Leeds, Leeds AFN holding their own demo in Rotherham and anti-fascists joining a pro-Kobane demo in London opposing a Turkish business ball at the Savoy. However top news of the weekend was a victory in Cardiff over the ‘Welsh Alliance’.

The Welsh Alliance appear to be a new incarnation of or split from the Welsh Defence League. Their claims not to be racist are slightly undermined by the Welsh Defence League having been famously stuffed full of out-and-out fascists such as notorious Swansea Nazi Luke Pippin.

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Anti-fascist action in Cardiff this Saturday 25th

22 10 2014


Also this Saturday 25th,  across the country from Rotherham in Cardiff, the ‘Welsh Alliance’ are holding a demo against all the usual things fascists don’t like – all Muslims, all mosques, all immigrants etc. The Welsh Alliance demo seems to be mostly being promoted by the English Volunteer Force who are apparently also speaking at the event. Having your protest against ‘Islamist terrorism’ addressed by people who think it’s smart to name themselves after a Loyalist terror group might not be the most obvious choice but that’s fascists for you!

Anti-fascists including South Wales Anti-Fascist Action will be there to oppose them.

Facebook event

Full details to be released nearer the time.

Swansea “white pride” swan song

7 04 2014

swansea crowd

In Swansea on Saturday extreme right-wing National Front “White Pride” demonstrators numbering about 40 were opposed by a crowd of 100-200 anti-fascists. Swansea for some reason seems to have become the unfortunate venue of choice for this neo-Nazi celebration. Last year the demo was followed by a Blood and Honour gig at the Valley Commandos Motorcycle Club (which drew much larger crowds than the demonstration). This included dressing in Klan uniforms and a mock-lynching of a golliwog, for which Christopher Philips got himself imprisoned.

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Stop NF White Pride Day in Swansea Sat April 5th

2 04 2014