EDL demo in Colchester cancelled

3 09 2014


In case you didn’t already know via our twitter feed or Facebook, the planned EDL demo in Colchester for which Essex Anti-Fascists had been mobilising along with other groups has been called off by the EDL. This is the second time they have pulled out of a planned demo in the town.

After anti-fascists opposed their exploitative demo on the anniversary of Lee Rigby’s death, the fascists have been threatening furious vengeance on the people of Colchester who opposed them.

Their original publicity stated “it’s time to let the dogs loose” against “the fascists of the left”


Apparently they thought this was all a great idea in a town that had just seen a woman in traditional Islamic dress knifed to death in broad daylight.


Anyway, for the meantime Colchester doesn’t have to endure fascists marching through the streets and Essex Anti-fascists and Colchester TUC can put their plans on hold. Unfortunately the threat posed by “the fascists of the left” appears to have been forgotten by the EDL in their excitement about the horrible sexual exploitation revelations in Rotherham, which has allowed them to shift their attention back to their primary focus  – Muslims who they can demonise and blame for the actions of a few.

The EDL have announced demonstrations in Rotherham on the 13th September and at Downing Street on 20th September. There will be an anti-fascist opposition to both.



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