Third time unlucky for the fascists – victory in Cricklewood (again!)

4 09 2014


On Saturday 30th August the South East Alliance – a small splinter group of the EDL who have developed an unhealthy obsession with North West London – returned for the third time to Cricklewood. They were protesting about the presence in the area of what they allege to be offices of Egypt’s ex-governing party the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, being a bunch a swastika-waving, seig-heiling fascist goons, they weren’t going to be allowed to parade around and abuse people unopposed.

North West London United is a broad community mobilisation that was set up to oppose the fascists’ last visit to the area. NWLU organised at quite short notice to oppose the SEA but still managed to distribute thousands of leaflets, stick posters up all over NW London, and speak to countless locals.


The result was that a pitiful 20 or so SEA were outnumbered 10 to 1 by a united group of local anti-fascists. To muster their 20, they were forced to bring in supporters from as far away as Scotland. One wonders how on earth they think it’s worth it…

He's come all the way to Cricklewood to defend Scotland

He’s come all the way to Cricklewood to defend Scotland

The fascists were prevented from reaching their objective – the shop which supposedly hosts the Muslim Brotherhood. They didn’t get to march and ended up  surrounded by police and quite fittingly outside a funeral parlour.

To top it all SEA leader Paul Prodmorou tried to break past police lines to reach laughing anti-fascists and was arrested. And the fascists once again needed protecting and escorting away by the police.

Paul Prodmorou being assisted by Mr Plod

Paul Prodmorou being assisted by Mr Plod

3-0 at home to the anti-fascists! Let’s hope they don’t come back! But if they do we’ll be ready!


North West London United

Facebook: North West London United

Twitter: @NWLondonUnited




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