Idiots’ guide to the idiot far right

15 01 2015

To welcome in 2015, the Anti-Fascist Network has put together an idiots’ guide to the idiots on Britain’s far right. No need to thank us, it’s a public service.

British National Party

Introducing the man who will revive the fortunes of the BNP... Adam Walker

Introducing the man who will definitely revive the fortunes of the BNP… Adam Walker

Formerly known as Britain’s most successful and ambitious fascist group since the 1930s, recent years have not been kind to the BNP. Membership and electoral support for the party has plummeted after a disappointing performance in the 2010 local and general elections. This unleashed a series of bitter internal disputes culminating in longstanding party leader Nick Griffin being unceremoniously booted out during 2014.

Alongside Griffin, most prominent party members who were at least semi-competent and kept the show on the road have either resigned or been expelled. This has left the BNP bereft of people with the kind of basic skills necessary to do organise election campaigns or community work. Adam Walker, Griffin’s replacement, is uniquely poorly placed to lead the party. Although he lacks political skill, charisma or any observable talents, he does have a conviction for chasing children in his car and threatening them with a knife. Read the rest of this entry »

Stop the EDL in Batley Saturday August 9th

29 07 2014


Saturday 9th August, 11.30, Batley Town Hall

Facebook event

On Saturday 9th August join Leeds Anti-Fascist Network, Sheffield Anti-Fascist Network and other groups from the Anti-Fascist Network in opposing the EDL in Batley, West Yorkshire. Anti-fascists have been out distributing thousands of leaflets door to door in Batley and talking to local people, putting in the groundwork fro a successful local mobilisation.

Leeds Anti-Fascist Network write:

On Saturday 9th August the racist English Defence League (EDL) will be demonstrating against the creation of an Islamic faith school in Batley. We believe this is an attempt by the EDL stir up animosity between communities in order to build support for their message of hatred and racial division. We will be opposing the EDL on the 9th August.

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Stand together against the EDL in Middlesbrough this Saturday!

27 06 2014


Assemble 11am, Ayresome Gdns, Linthrope Rd, Middlesbrough

The EDL have called a national demonstration in Middlesbrough for this Saturday 28th June. Teesside Solidarity Movement and North East Anti-Fascists have been working together with other local anti-fascists including Unite and Unison in a broad coalition to organise a response.

Last year in the immediate aftermath of the Lee Rigby killing the EDL got 2000 at their national demo in Newcastle. Middlesbrough won’t see numbers anything like that – the EDL have splintered and shrunk massively since last year, with continuous pressure from anti-racists and anti-fascists as well as the defection of the leadership, huge internal arguments and entire ‘divisions’ leaving en masse, unhappy with the new leadership.

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New AFN publicity to print out and distribute!

9 06 2014

a4 AFN flyer 3

Here’s some updated new AFN flyers with our new web address and Facebook page.

Click on the image to get it full size and then right-click to download the image.

Hopefully these should work if you print double sided on a piece of A4 and chop in half, so you can run them off easily on a photocopier. Let us know of any issues with printing and we’ll try and address it.

More stickers, flyers, T-shirts and other goodies coming soon – Spread the word on the streets!



New updated AFN publicity hitting the streets soon!

2 06 2014


Let us know if you want some to distribute in your area!

Malice in Sunderland: Oppose the EDL on 29th March

21 03 2014


Next Saturday 29th the Sunderland Defence League and the North East Infidels will be descending on Millfield in Sunderland to spread their hatred of Muslims, objecting to the construction of a new mosque.

North East Anti-Fascists are mobilising to oppose them and to show that their divisive racist presence will not be tolerated in the area. Show your support and get yourself to Sunderland if you can.

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10 Days till Slough!

22 01 2014


It’s now only 10 days till the AFN demo against the EDL in Slough on Saturday 1st Feb.

Tell your friends and relatives. Organise yourself to get there and make sure that the EDL’s first demo of 2014 is also their last!

Things are moving rapidly. As mentioned in our report on recent actions in Lincoln and London the EDL seems to be fragmenting and whole divisions are defecting to a loose alliance of splinter groups (the Infidels, South East Alliance, Casuals etc.) So the EDL may be struggling for numbers in Slough. This is all the more reason for us to mobilise and to make sure we outnumber them and they have to scuttle out of Slough with their tail between their legs.

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