Fascist fail in Sunderland and Peterborough

31 03 2014

Well done to all the diverse anti-fascists, trade unionists and local people who stood up to the EDL in Peterborough and the EDL splinters the Sunderland Defence League and the North East Infidels in Sunderland at the weekend.

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Malice in Sunderland: Oppose the EDL on 29th March

21 03 2014


Next Saturday 29th the Sunderland Defence League and the North East Infidels will be descending on Millfield in Sunderland to spread their hatred of Muslims, objecting to the construction of a new mosque.

North East Anti-Fascists are mobilising to oppose them and to show that their divisive racist presence will not be tolerated in the area. Show your support and get yourself to Sunderland if you can.

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Far Right Demonstration in Nottingham on Saturday

28 03 2013

re-posted from East Midlands Anti-fascists

Far right activists, led by Casuals United and Tony Curtis of the English National Resistance, will be holding a demonstration against a Muslim conference in Nottingham this weekend. They will be protesting outside the East Midlands Conference Centre at 1pm on Saturday 30th March.

Demo organiser Tony Curtis: Hate speaker?

Demo organiser Tony Curtis: Hate preacher?

In response to our previous article asking why they were coming, they have now seen fit to reveal that they are protesting the invitation of Haitham al-Haddad to speak at the conference. Previously they just told their followers to blindly follow their command to oppose the “hate preachers” and none of them asked questions. Blind obedience seems to be as alive and well in the far right as it was in the days of “just following orders” 1930s Germany.

The decision to oppose al-Haddad is not unreasonable, given that he hasreportedly described Jews as “the enemies of God, and the descendants of apes and pigs” and believes in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. He has said that should a woman refuse to sleep with her husband, “angels will curse” her and has written in favour of the prohibition of musical instruments. That he is speaking at a family event and passing on these bigoted ideas is very disturbing.

But it is the utmost hypocrisy for former EDL members to be protesting this man. After all, Tony Curtis has supported the NWI recently, even though leader, John “Snowy” Shaw also believes in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and extreme anti-Semitic ideas. Why is Curtis protesting a Muslim hate preacher but not the hate preacher in his own midst? We can also point the finger at Jeff Marsh, leader of Casuals United, who set up the the openly Nazi Welsh Defence League. Even the former leader of the EDL’s Jewish Division quit claiming that the organisation had been taken over by Nazis. The EDL has courted Jews when it has seemed politically useful but is now turning back to anti-Semites for support.

Casuals United leader Jeff Marsh's Welsh Defence League: very tolerant of Jews

Casuals United leader Jeff Marsh’s Welsh Defence League: very tolerant of Jews

It’s also hypocritical for the far right to criticise al-Haddad’s sexist ideas and lack of respect for a woman’s sexual consent. EDL members have been exposed for promoting rape as a weapon against their enemies and local members were exposed by us for their misogynist and sexually predatory posts. Some of these men will be turning up to “oppose” al-Haddad’s views on women at the weekend, but their own are equally disgusting and backwards. Why aren’t Casuals and Curtis booting them out of the ranks? Maybe because they aren’t brown or bearded enough.

Al-Haddad should be opposed by the vast majority who find his views abhorrent, not this ragtag bunch of far right misfits whose own ideas are just as disgusting. It would be best if both al-Haddad and the racist, sexist, homophobes of the far right were sent packing.

Berwick Gears Up For A Second Wave Of Human Excrement.

9 02 2013

The Scottish Defence League will be protesting against their own deluded imaginations next Saturday (16th Feb) In  Berwick-upon-Tweed. (Berwick is in the borders, technically in England, but lets not sink to arguing over borders imposed from above eh?).

The last time they marched in Berwick it was a bit of a damp squib – here’s the local newspaper report: The Berwickshire News

This time they again look to be joined by North East branches of EDL and also the openly fascist northern groups of the ‘infidels’. The local UAF will be holding a counter demo in the city and an antifascist group called BIRA (Berwick Against Racist Idiots) is calling for antifascists from the North to show solidarity. Last time The SDL protested in Berwick almost all of their support was bussed in, so hopefully antifascist calls will be answered.

To end on a more positive note there’s nice little post here from Occupied London about a Greek neo-nazi police officer getting hospitalised, i’m sure we all wish wish him speedy recovery (or not): bloodied pig 

ACA Manchester have also set up a wordpress blog that can be found on our links section: ACA Manchester

Gearing Up For A New Year Against The Splitters!

1 01 2013

As reported by EDL News & Malatesta, the EDL Christmas address this year from Kev Caroll was a complete fucking joke. One of the highlights for anti fascists was when he slagged off all the other break away groups, pissing off a lot of potential supporters and splitting an already fragmented far right. The splits are very visible to see with groups of ‘Infidels’ (both North West and North East) saying they will no longer attend the EDL Manchester outing on the second of March. Some ‘Infidels’ are even suggesting they have their own demo’s the same day, but we can’t imagine they would be able to get anything near the sort of numbers they would need, It will probably turn out to be a flash mob… in a pub… ordering beer… in protest…at something.

Whilst it’s easy to laugh at these public tiffs that seem to be becoming more frequent, It does look like it’s only the leaders & organisers of the splinter groups who seem to get upset as all they want is to be their own little Hitlers. The average EDL supporters are also in an ‘Infidels’ group (or two) , and also display Casuals United images all over their facebook pages, for these people who are the remaining hardcore of travelling fascists, they will go to the biggest nationalist event of the day, and do not seem too fussy who’s name they march under, as long as they get to shout abuse and piss people off, and if they are really lucky get into a scuffle with the cops/reds/locals. For example the poster below is doing the rounds on many of the EDL & ‘Infidel’ sites. We already know that March For England (MFE) organiser Dave Smeeton is furious as he has lost all control over this event, and he has asked that EDL stay away, but if this is the biggest nationalist event happening on the 21st April we can almost guarantee it will bring out every lowlife from MFE to the National Front, and every misfit in between, and the same will go for Manchester in March.

Not an MFE Poster

Not an MFE Poster

Luckily work is already underway to meet and greet our travelling fiends, and in a place like Brighton, no matter how many fascists get bused in they will always be outnumbered by a town sick to death of the fascist scumbags targeting them. In northern towns like Manchester we usually see the EDL either equaled or  just outnumbered by counter protesters, and that is usually following a call out from UAF. There is still a lot of work to be done to get the majority of locals out, who like any normal person despise fascism, but feel it is ok to leave it for someone else to deal with, or perhaps are put off by politically motivated opponents of the EDL. Either way there’s a lot of work to do, but hey, it’s a new year!

Manchester Demo Facebook Page (worth a laugh)

EDL told to F*ck off out of Norwich

12 11 2012
By 3cafa

Fresh from having their main website hacked again last night the ever persistent flotsam and jetsam of what was “Britain’s biggest street movement” (according to themselves) arrived in Norwich today for a so-called ‘national demonstration’ numbering around 150 if that.

The people of Norwich were out in considerably larger numbers (*an estimated 1,500 according to mainstream press reports) to give the bedraggled ‘leaderless‘ boneheads the rousing welcome that they deserved by letting the racists know in no uncertain terms that the hatred spread by the EDL was definitely not welcome in the city as the video below clearly shows.

Arrests were made as boneheads tried to attack locals. Scuffles with anti-fascists also took place. *Mainstream report here

Meanwhile EDL neo-nazi splinter group the ‘infidels’ were out in West Ham having an equally shit day.

Fascist Activities This Weekend

7 11 2012

Following on from their disastrous attempt at a demo in Liverpool last weekend the Infidels of Britain are holding a racist demo in West Ham against a mosque on Saturday 10 November.

Here’s a brief extract from their facebook page:

There are over 400 people that have clicked attending, forgetting the red scum and the goat fuckers how many of you will actually turn up Saturday and how many will continue to moan about the Islamic take over of Britain on fb but won’t act

ually get off your arses and hit the streets. This will not only be the biggest religious building in Britain it is also being proposed by a group that has links to terrorist organisations and believes in segregation not integration. You can hardly moan about what’s happening to our country if you ain’t prepared to do more than click like on a fb page. Ktf NS

Saturday at 13:00 in London

This event is also being pushed by the English Volunteer Force (EVF), Anti Fascists will also be around so get down there to give em a proper East End welcome!
Daz Christopher, Willenhall based KKK member
Twat – Darren Clifft from Infidels of Britain (pic from EDL NEWS)
Also the EDL are planning another fucking stupid march on the same day in Norwich. Community groups are organising an opposition, the info can be found here: http://www.wearenorwich.co.uk/ (Please note this is nothing to do with the AFN) If anyone is around the area we would recommend making an effort to tell the fascists they are not welcome, in whatever way you are comfortable with! Anyone who appreciates freedom and equality should ensure we continue to outnumber the racist scum wherever they pop up.
Please feel free to report any other fascist activities happening in your area.
AFN also has a new twitter account: twitter.com/AntiFascistNetw

Call For Action In Liverpool

18 10 2012

Below is a message from Liverpool Anti Fascists! There’s a link here for a bit of background about ‘IRA’ marches in Liverpool: LiverAF


Some of the NWI ‘in action’.


On Saturday 3rd November the North West Infidels, a fascist street gang connected to the National Front, is holding a demonstration in Liverpool. Liverpool Antifascists is calling on all anti-fascists andanti-racists to join us in opposing them.

The pretext for the demonstration is Mayor Joe Anderson allowing “pro-IRA” marches in the city. In reality, the NWI are using “IRA” as a dog whistle call for anti-Irish and anti-Catholic sectarian bigotry in the absence of easy targets for anti-Muslim abuse.

This only underlines that fascists will use any pretext they can to promote divisions in the working class. The same people have previously attacked not only Irish community marches but demonstrations by refugees, trade union processions and even the picket lines of striking workers.

The threat of fascism is the threat of organised violence against our class. It must be confronted wherever it rears its head. Join us at the town hall from half six and show these fascists that there are people prepared to stand up to them.Saturday 3rd November, from 6.30pm, Liverpool Town Hall. Bring flags and banners.

No pasarán!

Seriously Insane Stuff – Infidels Manifesto

28 05 2012

I was going to Re-post from Liverpool Antifascists, but it didn’t fit on this page. Anyone who wants a laugh can view the Infidels of Britain ‘manifesto’ by clicking on the link below, but be warned, it’s fucking dumb….


Liverpool Mayoral Candidates Crack Whilst Anti Fascists Apply Pressure

2 05 2012


On the left is Peter Tierney owner of Quiggins Attique, He’s an NF candidate supposed to be standing for Mayor of Liverpool. He got arrested yesterday for getting hot under the collar outside a court case involving a muslim peodophile gang, obviously his issue is that the gang is muslim, not peadophiles, as we’ve never seen him outside a case involving white peado’s!

On the right is Mike Whitby, he’s a BNP candidate also standing for Mayor of Liverpool. He got his door busted down by cops after refusing to come out for 6 hours and was then arrested. He faked a bunch of legal papers, “Under electoral law, a candidate must gather a proposer, seconder and 28 other signatures from electors in order to be eligible to stand as mayor.” – it seems he couldn’t get 28 people to support him so he did the next best thing, and made it up!

A couple of days earlier Liverpool Anti-Fascists Mobilised on a day the the North West Infidels were supposed to be having a day of action, the NWI ended up with two nutters on a roof in Halifax:

Here’s a repost from Liverpool Antifascists on thier day of action:


Posted by Phil Dickens on April 28, 2012 · 3 Comments

Today was the Infidels of Britain’s nationwide day of “direct action.” In Liverpool, we were promised that the Scouse Infidels would be “busy bodies,” and they even had a special National Front “Vote Quiggins” banner for the occasion. In reality, Liverpool Antifascists got the drop on the far-right, who were nowhere to be seen in the city when it came to it.

In the morning, around 20 anti-fascists headed to Quiggins Attique on Aigburth Road. This is of course the shop owned by NF mayoral candidate Peter Tierney. We arrived at about 10am, with the shop due to open at 10.30, to unfurl our banner in front of the shop and begin handing out leaflets. The leaflets were about the mayoral elections generally and all three fascist candidates, but we did have posters (PDF) which underlined Tierney’s standing as a convicted, violent thug, and pointed out to those who took our leaflets exactly what the man was capable of.

Whilst we were there, the response we received from the public was almost universally positive. People took our leaflets, stopped to talk to us about fascism and offer us their thanks and support. The only exceptions were one racist old man who said he would vote for Tierney “if he’ll send the coloureds back,” and the man who lived above the shop.

He came out with a big dog on a leash and whirling a chain. He was clearly in the mood for a confrontation, though wide-eyed and clearly put out when nobody backed away from him. He accused us of kicking a door in, which was self-evidently false as no doors in the area had been kicked in, before declaring that he wasn’t part of anything. He quickly belied that, however, when he tried to threaten a female anti-fascist who gave him short shrift before he disappeared.

Throughout all this, Tierney remained inside the shop. He had been seen entering by the first comrades on the scene, and it was noted that he appeared to recognise at least one of them. After that, we heard nothing from him and the shutters remained down long after the scheduled opening time.

Our picket continued until midday, with leaflets dropped through letterboxes on the neighbouring streets as well as distributed to largely receptive passers-by. We then called it a day and packed up, to head into town with the expectation that the Infidels – who had failed to show in support of the man they’d had a banner made for – would be turning up at some point for their big day out.

Our scouts report that Tierney’s shop remained closed for well over an hour after the picket ended, only finally being seen open at 2pm. The wild-eyed upstairs neighbour, “nothing to do with all that,” was stood outside with his dog and his chain.

In the City Centre, we met up with anti-fascists who had been taking part in action under another banner. In Childwall, a fifty-strong counter demonstration against anti-abortion zealots was running concurrently with the picket. This, too, was highly successful and everyone was on a high when we reached town. However, the afternoon would be a chilled out one since it emerged that the Infidels had been bussed out to support a demo elsewhere in the North West.

Today underlines, yet again, that there is a world of difference between where the fascists are and where they think they are. The Infidels are the most radical of the active nationalist groups right now, having adopted anarchist tactics such as occupations and banner drops. They have also given a new lease of life to the National Front, formerly dead on its feet and not worth mentioning. But their “big” turnouts still require bussing loads of people in from across the country and – without a populist cause to exploit like paedophiles or “the IRA” – even that is often inadequate.

Not that anti-fascists should be complacent. February 18 happened because we dropped the ball, and subsequent victories were down to actively mobilising people and raising awareness of the physical threat the far-right potentially pose. As the struggle against fascism goes on, we need to keep mobilising people and getting feet on the street otherwise this trend will not continue.

Today was an unqualified victory, and all who took part should be proud. The task now is to continue to build our numbers, and a movement capable of waging effective direct action against the fascists time and time again. As Antifa once said,”we have already shown on numerous occasions that a relatively small number of dedicated antifascists can score decisive victories. Most of our actions and activities go unreported, but the fascists know and fear us. Imagine what a difference it would make if there were thousands of us.”