North West London gets organised against the fascists

3 07 2014

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A new community coalition has been formed in North West London in order to oppose the second attempt of the fascist ‘South East Alliance’ to march in Cricklewood on July 19th.

North West London United is composed of residents and workers based in North West London (Brent/Cricklewood) as well as trade unions and groups including Brent Trades Council, RMT, London Anti-Fascists, North London Anti-Fascists and UAF.

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Oppose the ‘South East Alliance’ in Cricklewood Sat 14th June

10 06 2014


Tell your mates and join us on the streets!

11am Saturday June 14th // 113 CRICKLEWOOD BROADWAY, NW2, London

London Anti-Fascists are mobilising together with local residents and other anti-fascist groups, including North London Anti-Fascists to oppose the far-right ‘South East Alliance’ in Cricklewood, North London this coming Saturday 14th June. They have all been busy and thousands of leaflets have been distributed in Kilburn and Cricklewood to a very positive response.

Who are the SEA?

The ‘South East Alliance’ are one of the EDL splinter groups that huddle under the ‘United British Patriots’ umbrella. Their last attempt to ‘unite the right’ on the streets was the March for England in Brighton when, as has become traditional, they were hounded out of town and outnumbered 10 to 1 by the unhappy residents of that seaside town.

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Anti-fascists successfully oppose the far-right EVF in London

16 03 2014


The first outing in London today for the newly minted right-wing alliance the United British Patriots does not bode well for their attempt to supplant the EDL as Britain’s premier right-wing street movement. The demo was called in the name of the English Volunteer Force (EVF), but was supposed to be a multi-organisational ‘unity’ march on Parliament of all the fascist splinter groups who make up the UBP. It was always very confused being a demo about everything and nothing with no clear agenda. As it turned out they pulled somewhere around 100 for their much-hyped big day.

Overall the day was a good one for anti-fascists. There was a noisy anti-fascist crowd that was quite up for it and tried to get close to the fascists. The EVF would likely have been lightly policed and able to do their full march route down Whitehall had it not been for anti-fascists mobilising. As it was, they were considerably more constrained by the police than they could have been. Rather than the racists parading their bigotry amongst the crowds of multi-racial families that populate central Westminster on a Saturday afternoon, they limped along largely unseen behind a wall of cops.

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Call-out to oppose the EVF in London Sat 15th March

11 03 2014


The English Volunteer Force (EVF), a small EDL splinter group who thought it would be a whizzo idea to name themselves after Loyalist terrorists are holding a march on Parliament this Saturday 15th.

The EVF are a pretty small outfit. However, the event is given some added significance in that it is the first outing for the latest effort to “unite the right” – the United British Patriots. So as well as the EVF, we can expect members of Casuals United, the South East Alliance, the Infidels etc as the UBP tries to supplant the EDL as the primary right wing force on the streets.

North London Anti-Fascists have made a call-out to oppose them and will be holding a counter-mobilisation.

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