There’s a row going on down near Slough…

1 02 2014


Today’s protests against the EDL in Slough were a pretty good start to 2014. Slough showed loud and clear that no one at all in the town had any sympathy with the EDL. The universal message was “you’re not wanted – go home”

The down-on-their-luck EDL only managed less than 200 for a ‘national’ demo following large numbers of splits, defections and internal arguments. This is looking like the ‘new normal’ for them – the die-hards who haven’t figured out yet the EDL is dying on its feet.

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Latest Info on Slough demo

29 01 2014

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With only 3 days to go, things are beginning to shape up with the Slough demo against the ailing EDL. London Anti-Fascists and Berkshire Anti-Fascists have been very busy leafletting in the town and talking to locals as well as organising numbers of people to come from outside Slough.

The route of the EDL march has been announced and also UAF and the local Trades Council have announced a counter-demo in town.

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How anti-immigrant myths serve the bosses

26 01 2014


by London Anti-Fascists

The relentless diet of anti-migrant hysteria served by the mainstream press for the past few months has been staggering, even by their standards. The Daily Express in particular outdid itself, promising a “crusade” against Bulgarian and Romanian immigration.

But as a study in the Guardian showed, there’s rarely much of a correlation between the headlines and the reality. The study showed that headlines about migrants have increase out of all proportion to the actual levels of immigration, which have tended to rise only slowly, and with the occasional dip.
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10 Days till Slough!

22 01 2014


It’s now only 10 days till the AFN demo against the EDL in Slough on Saturday 1st Feb.

Tell your friends and relatives. Organise yourself to get there and make sure that the EDL’s first demo of 2014 is also their last!

Things are moving rapidly. As mentioned in our report on recent actions in Lincoln and London the EDL seems to be fragmenting and whole divisions are defecting to a loose alliance of splinter groups (the Infidels, South East Alliance, Casuals etc.) So the EDL may be struggling for numbers in Slough. This is all the more reason for us to mobilise and to make sure we outnumber them and they have to scuttle out of Slough with their tail between their legs.

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New resources for Slough demonstration

10 01 2014

AFN in co-ordination with Berkshire Anti-Fascists are calling for a mass mobilisation to Slough to oppose the EDL’s first national demo of 2014 on Saturday 1st February. The EDL hope to regain some momentum after another spectacular decline after losing Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carol. We stress that the EDL may have suffered over the last few months but they are still an active threat to diverse working class communities.

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Join the AFN bloc in Slough 1st Feb

9 01 2014

slough flyer

London Anti-Fascists, South London Anti-Fascists, Berkshire Anti-Fascists and the Anti-Fascist Network invite you to join us in Slough on 1st Feb to counter the first EDL demo of 2014.

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Hundreds show solidarity at Greek Embassy London and at demos today in Edinburgh, Derry, Dublin

21 09 2013

There have been demonstrations across Greece and all over Europe since the murder of Pavlos Fyssas by Golden Dawn Nazis in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Over 350 people attended the solidarity demonstration at the Greek Embassy in London today – largely composed of Greeks from various political tendencies (anarchist, Syriza, leftists, KKE and others). A contingent from London Anti-Fascists and South London Anti-Fascists also joined the demo with a “Solidarity with Greek Antifa” banner. The cops initially refused to let people stand on the side of the embassy which was quickly ignored.  Two people were arrested as cops were getting aggressive and unfortunately couldn’t be de-arrested due to the number of police (they were supported at the police station and hopefully will be released by tonight). As the crowds grew the road was taken by hundreds of people as a sound system playing the songs of the murdered anti-fascist was blasted out.

Solidarity – Αλληλεγγύη

Greek Embassy 21 Sep 2013

greek banners

“Zero tolerance for neo-Nazis” – “The blood of Pavlos flows, revenge calls”

PRESS RELEASE: Anti-Fascist Network statement on Saturday 7th September EDL demonstration

10 09 2013

The Metropolitan Police arrested over 280 anti-fascist activists, local community members, and passersby in East London on 7 September, as up to 700 English Defence League supporters were allowed to march over Tower Bridge and rally at Aldgate without encountering any mass opposition.

A large community demonstration was restricted to Altab Ali Park, well out of sight of the EDL’s march route and rally point. A bloc of around 600 within the demonstration, coordinated by the Anti-Fascist Network (AFN), attempted to hold a march to get within sight of the EDL’s route and present a visible opposition, which was then blocked and kettled by police. Despite police attacks the front of the AFN bloc did manage to get within sight of the EDL march, meaning the only political opposition the racists saw on the day was a direct result of the AFN mobilisation.

Sarah Smith from London Anti-Fascists said:

    “The number of people who joined the Anti-Fascist Network bloc on the day shows that there is a real mood for forms of anti-fascism that go beyond static rallies where mainstream politicians and religious leaders spout liberal platitudes. The 600 people who attempted to march with AFN on Saturday shows that a moderate, ‘respectable’ anti-fascism based on deference to the state and the political status quo is no longer the only show in town.”

Anti-fascists, independent legal observers, and people who were just passing by were detained on the street for over six hours before the police announced their intention to make mass arrests. Arrestees were taken to police stations on the outer extremities of London — including Colindale, Sutton, and elsewhere — mostly under the pretext that they had committed an offence under the Public Order Act. Their alleged ‘crime’ was to march down a street the police didn’t want them to march down.

Some arrestees were held for up to 15 hours in total. Were it not for the work of arrestee support groups, many of those detained would have been thrown out of police stations in the middle of the night on the outskirts of London with little way of getting home. Most have now been released with highly restrictive bail conditions preventing them from opposing the EDL and other racist groups.

Tony Dixon from the Anti-Fascist Network said:

    “These mass arrests, following a similar operation at an anti-BNP demonstration in May, show how the state is using political policing to criminalise protest and intimidate people out of taking political action. Only the tamest, most moderate forms of protest are sanctioned; anything else is met with police violence, kettling, and mass arrests.”

Val Swain of the Network for Police Monitoring (NetPol), added:

    “Carrying out mass arrests on any demonstration is an excessive and draconian measure. In this case it was clearly not necessary to prevent disorder – many, if not most of the arrests were carried out after the EDL had left the area.

    “In this case the police have taken 286 sets of names, addresses, fingerprints and dna. It has been a highly effective data gathering exercise. They have also imposed bail conditions preventing all of those arrested from participating in future protests – even though they have not been charged, let alone convicted of any offence. The police have had a successful operation to disrupt, deter and prevent anti-fascist protest.”

Notes for editors:

– The Anti-Fascist Network is a network of independent anti-fascists and anti-racist groups from across Britain, fighting the far right on the basis of direct action and working-class politics.

– The Anti-Fascist Network can be contacted on

East End: Always Anti-Fascist

8 09 2013

Brilliant to see thousands turn out yesterday to tell the EDL to fuck off once again from London. They had a shit turnout, no local support and didn’t go where they wanted. Many hundreds joined the AFN in a bold attempt to block the EDL’s route, despite massive police odds – and we came pretty close. Insane policing resulted in 286 anti-fascist arrests, mostly from the AFN bloc. But we won’t let arrests deter us from physically confronting the racists. The EDL draw their power from the streets and that is where we have to confront them, despite the risks. Nothing can take away from the absolutely fantastic comrades who stood defiant and proud against the EDL.

Great solidarity shown with prisoner support at police stations across London throughout the night and from GBC / LDMG. If you were arrested or witnessed arrests or police abuse, write it down while it’s still fresh in your mind, let GBC know you’re out and how to contact you. Supporting each other is a collective responsibility especially after a mass arrest like yesterday, so think about what you can do – fundraising for legal costs and anti-fascist prisoner support is always worth doing.

Massive respect and appreciation to everyone that joined the counter-protests – it was great to stand with you. See you at the fantastic anti-fascist benefit party at ULU on the 12th of October or see you on the streets.


Other reports of the day:

Come September: get ready for the 7th

1 09 2013


The EDL have announced plans to march to Altab Ali Park* for a rally on 7th September. This is clearly an arrogant and incendiary declaration even by their own (sub) standards. We call on every militant anti-fascist to join us on the streets on Saturday with the good people of Tower Hamlets in ensuring that the EDL do not set foot in the area and are effectively opposed!

As part of the build up to the Tower Hamlets demo, over 250 people attended London Anti-Fascists’ event ‘Resistance to fascism and racism in the East End’ at The Rag Factory. Thanks to all the speakers, DJs, venue and volunteers that made it a success and 210 curries served to boot! Absolutely fantastic evening and we are well prepared to give the EDL the welcome they deserve in a few days time.

Anti-Fascists will be joining the mobilisation from all over London as well as from Essex, Portsmouth, Bristol, Brighton, Nottingham and elsewhere. If you haven’t booked your train, coach, whatever… time to get on it.

*The park is named for Altab Ali, a young Bengali textile worker who was stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack in 1978 and whose murder inspired a mass movement against racism, which eventually kicked the National Front out of the area.